Palmyra Petroleum Limited supplies Finished product in 32,000 metric tons and above via tanker to the Latin American, South American and the Caribbean markets. The Company has the financial capacity and finances the loads and negotiates with its clients for prices competitive to the industry. Product is sourced from refineries located proximate to the end users. Our focus is primarily structured around the procurement and resale of Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Products which include Diesel Oil, Aviation Kerosene, and Automotive Fuels. We have established a Code of Ethics that is strictly followed in every business transaction, with a eye for detail ensuring for ontime deliveries.


Lessons learned from years of experience in the Oil Industry have taught us that, in order to be successful, any transaction or communication must exude credibility, honesty, and transparency. These attributes must be personified not only when we interact within our network of buyers, sellers, consultants, and brokers, but rather, they should be visible in everything we do. We regard all of our clients, buyers and sellers, and members of our support network, brokers, consultants, and intermediaries, as stakeholders in our business.


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